ADMX and Trust Wallet now!

We are very pleased to announce that you can now have our token in one of the most secure wallets in the world and recommended by Binance, Trust Wallet.

In this wallet you can have your ADMX tokens very safe and secure, and you can move them at any time you decide, send them to your friends and even receive payments in ADMX.

You can now download Trust Wallet from the official website and below are the steps to use ADMX in Trust Wallet.

1 Step + Add Custom Token (Select Network Waves)

2 Step Paste this contract:


3 Step In the following boxes fill in as follows:

Name: Admediatex Token

Symbol: ADMX

Decimals: 2

Example in an image how your configuration should look like before saving.

Done save, and you can now see in your Trust Wallet Admediatex Token (ADMX) portfolio list.


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