How to generate more income in AdmediaTex CPM?

The first thing we have to understand is that if we have a website with several advertisements or more than 2 advertising networks, it is important to keep in mind that your AdmediaTex advertising blocks or spaces must come first.

We have Rocket Loader Ads which will not affect your other advertising companies. A clear example of how your advertising or other networks should go.

Second tip for you to earn more money in AdmediaTex, get or get traffic from social networks such as dating and link hiding:

What is hiding or protecting links:

Also including traffic from adult pages with fake videos, insta direct visits or traffic from Facebook ads.

In many cases there is a lot of information on the internet about obtaining traffic with videos on YouTube, digital platforms and the adult world.

Thirdly, to also get more extra income on the AdmediaTex CPM platform, go to the Daily Bonus section which offers daily earnings for completing missions on the platform. This income is immediately added to the user’s account and ready to be withdrawn.

Remember that all AdmediaTex formats are in the CPM or Cost per Impression payment method, in many cases it is known as Pay to view or paid to promote.

As a fourth tip, our platform has an affiliate system of up to 5% for life for users referred to the platform, the more users who have traffic and are your referrals, you will have a passive extra on the platform.

Without a doubt, the AdmediaTex CPM network is the best web monetization option to achieve quick profits.



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